I decided a long time ago that my motto was to Light up the Darkness. There is so much darkness in the world that we live in today, so I decided I wanted to be a light for others. I decided that my goal was to help Inspire people to be the best versions of themselves. In keeping with that, I knew the number one thing people needed to focus on was their HEALTH!

Health is the greatest asset a person can have because without it nothing matters. Think about it, you can own everything you have ever wanted to own but without your health you have nothing. You can’t even enjoy that in which you have earned throughout your lifetime without your health.

The problem is people only tend to focus on their health when they have a problem. Too many people still remain “reaction focused” instead of “proactive focused.” They tend to think health is found in a bottle of pills, in an injection, or multiple appointments to their MD’s. This is called “SICK CARE” not to be confused with actual “Health Care.” 

True Health Care implies that a person actually takes care of themselves by focusing on eating healthy foods (nutrition), working out and moving more, cleansing regularly, peace management as opposed to stress management, prayer, eating less, Chiropractic care, and maintaining a positive mindset. These are all things Americans should focus on doing daily, especially in the current times we live in. This is how you become a brighter light in this world.

I have an expression I like to say and that is “Your physiology determines your psychology!” The healthier you are physically the better your mindset is. In 10 + years as a Chiropractor I have seen “sick” people and I have seen “healthy” people and I can tell you the mindset in people who truly invest in their health is much better than the people that don’t. Although this is anecdotal evidence, I have seen this across the board in other people outside of my office. I’m sure you have seen the same in your own life.

1st. Corinthians Chp. 6:19-20 states, “Did you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” You need to honor your temple so that you can live out the best version of yourself. How can we light up the darkness if we are sick? How can we live up to our full potential if we don’t have the energy to do so?

So what is your proactive plan for achieving a healthier you?

As you begin to achieve better health your light will shine brighter and you can be that light for somebody else who might be struggling. In essence, you can be the light in the darkness and make a bigger impact in this world.

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