The first documented case of Chiropractic care happened in September of 1895. As the story goes, Harvey Lillard was a janitor who worked in the same building as the future founder of the Chiropractic profession, Doctor D.D. Palmer.

17 years prior Harvey was hunched and bent over in a cramped position when he heard something pop in his spine and he “immediately lost most of his hearing.” Palmer hypothesized that the pop that Harvey heard in his spine was a displaced bone that was choking on a nerve that controlled his hearing.

He palpated his spine and felt a “lump” between his shoulders. Palmer thought if he pushed this area in his spine back into its normal position it would free pressure off his nerves and his hearing would thus return.

So, Palmer delivered the first Chiropractic adjustment on Lillard’s spine and his hearing was almost 100% restored a few days later.

It is important to note that although there have been documented cases of improved hearing with Chiropractic Adjustments, there is no guarantee. More studies should be done to scientifically address the correlation. At its core Chiropractic works to remove neurological interference so the body can function better. As a result of better brain-body connection patients have noticed a great deal of improvement with a wide range of problems and symptoms.

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